KPN Optimize™                                                                                                           Transitions of Care Module

KPN Transitions of Care Module (TOC) is a web-based product designed specifically to support and adhere to CMS regulations and guidelines centered around Transitional Care Management (TCM). 

KPN TOC identifies patients when they are admitted or discharged from the hospital or program related setting, identifying critical timing requirements for discharges and displays data elements which improve the beneficiaries transition process, quality of care and attempt to reduce readmissions for high-risk beneficiaries.  KPN TOC was built to support and become an instrumental piece of the tracking and monitoring of patients as they transition from an inpatient admission.

Practices utilizing these new TCM codes can generate more revenue (e.g., on average $165.42 for 99495 and $233.09 for 99496) for providing a higher-level of patient care management while greatly reducing 30-day readmissions of high-risk patients