KPN Health Data Extraction & Aggregation
Efficient & Effective Access to Data

KPN Health is known for its unequaled ability to extract and transform clinical and financial data from disparate EHR and Practice Management Systems, and aggregate this data into an Enterprise Data Warehouse for manageable and actionable applications. 


KPN Optimize™, our proprietary process, offers a bundled software / hardware product that performs a number of valuable functions:

  • Easily interfaces with most EMRs and PMS in use today
  • Robust data validation yields data accuracy of greater than 90%
  • Standardizes and stores clinical and demographic data in the Clinical Data Repository (CDR) at the clinical practice site and at the Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Compares clinical data from the patient’s electronic medical record against nationally recognized practice guidelines
  • Web-based Point of Care offers snapshot of patient and identifies care gaps;
  • One-page paper Point of Care Report produced at the time of the patient encounter highlights “gaps in care” and action items
  • Maintains a patient registry for chronic disease and   prevention management across the entire practice / enterprise population
  • Reports for a specific patient, individual providers, a practice, an organization, or a community


Within the physician practice setting, data is extracted using KPN Health’s proprietary data blades (interfaces) from a variety of data sources, standardized through the mapping process, and then run against a variety of guidelines and metrics to generate a wide range of reporting options. On average, KPN Health extracts 120+ different clinical, demographic and financial data elements thereby making sure clients have access to the data they need to effectively monitor quality metrics, stratify patients according to disease states and identify gaps in care so they can take proactive action.